In my studio, time is carefully taken to create just what you want your permanent makeup to look like. Most initial procedures will be an hour & a half from hello to goodbye which includes the consultation. Clients receive a complimentary touch-up (usually4-6 weeks later.) Here we use the longest lasting stay true pigments available, you won't have to expect that common salmony color.  Methods used are: digital, coil, manual, & microblading  depending on your specific procedure. Two different types of anesthetics are used and many clients say they experienced little or no pain. Happy clients are sent come with a permanent makeup care package & instructions on how to take care of your new permanent cosmetics.

***Call by the end of April to book an appointment before prices of most procedures increase by $50.***

A deposite of $50 is required to secure your appointment.

Permanent eyebrows

Brows can really give you a whole new elegant look. I specialize in natural looking hairstroke eyebrows, though a dramatic solid look may also be great for your choice. Microblading is a manual method thatis becoming more popular because of the ultra realistic fine fur-like hair-stokes. Before the procedure starts, I draw on the shape of your brows & you have to love it before we start.


Loosing more & more color in your lips? Permanent lips can last forever from a natural looking tint to a more vibrant looking color. Get full lips or just lip liner, choose any color of your choice.


Areolas-3D looking areolas with diffused edges for clients that have lost color due to breast cancer

Beauty Mark-Custom sized faux mole of the color of your choice

Camoflauge-cover vitiligo & other imperfections with a pigment matching your skin color


Scalp shading, microbladed strokes, or hair follicle pixel simulation.  Very natural looking to create confidence.


microneedling or collagen induction therapy helps skin regrow collagen, reduce pore size, tighten skin, heal scars, acne marks, & gives skin a smoother younger look.


Ultrasound waves vibrate your fat cells so they break open & your body releases fat from the chosen area. Radio frequency tightens skin, deminishes cellulite & stretchmarks


The most common procedure. Shy to show your naked eyes? Eyeliner can last 10-15 years before you need to get it touched-up. You can get eyeliner done to a custom design, just get a lash enhancement, or evenadd mucosal liner.


Tattoo removal by your own body, catalyzed by the tattoo vanish method. This method that is safer and more effective than laser tattoo removal. Our Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal method can remove all pigment colors, which laser can not. 


Get your lashes permed (curl typically remains 3 months) or get them tinted (lasts noticeably for 2 weeks)  Brows can be tinted a natural looking brown color as well.